Entry #10

LETS PLAY! (w/ Characters!)

2015-12-01 01:47:55 by Laphin

My new idea... Lets Plays with animated characters.

Lets face it, animators don't have a lot of time inbetween animations to post new cartoons or video content, and it's hard to even come out with a new cartoon in a month's time!  So I have made it an idea to work with quality animators that have awesome characters that people can attach to, and play video games as these characters.  In this way, I can draw people not only to my own channel, but also draw folks to cartoons.  In this way, I hope to not only add more life to characters, but to help animators grab traffic to their toons while they are in their down time.

Check out my YOUTUBE CHANNEL here:  http://www.youtube.com/CharacterVoice/

Not only will it feature letsplays, but fun projects I have worked on (Cartoons, Voice Overs) and/or just me goofing off.  I hope you find my channel to be a nice fun, slice of life!

MY MAIN WEBSITE:  http://www.voiceoverfun.com

Stay Cool.  Stay Creative.

- Jonathan J.


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