An Honest Job Interview - "Lippy Duck & Creeve Croc"

2013-02-13 02:22:42 by Laphin

My FIRST animated voice over endeavor and definately not the last!
Basically if you get technical, it's not my first as I've already voiced in a Skyrim mod that's just not out yet, and some iPad games that have yet to be released! But this would be my first, okay, animated cartoon character.

The writing is okay and the comedy is about as bland (at least in my opinion), as British food.. but this IS British Humor. What can I say...? But here's the clip!! I R CROC! Lippy was voiced by the talented Edwyn Tiong! (Feel free to pass it around!)

An Honest Job Interview - "Lippy Duck & Creeve Croc"


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