Entry #1

Hey, it's me, the new voice guy!!

2013-01-08 00:24:23 by Laphin

Well, I am pretty new to Newgrounds, having only just started becoming active fairly recently.

There's some really awesome talent here, and I'd love to participate with some of you who have some really unique projects that you want to get done. Lending my voice out to those of you who may need it. I'm in the process of releasintg some new stuff in order for you guys to listen to. I need to get more organized as far as my demos go, but there's some good stuff to listen to for right now in terms of variety.

As well as voicing and sometimes singing, I also edit and produce audio through mixing, and you can easily hear that by going to most of anything in my Audio Gallery, in particular the "Anime Characters" series thingy I did for fun.

But.. anyways, I'm not good with intros, so I'll stop. I hope to catch some of you out there, make new friends, network a bit. And hey! Lets start the new year off with a bang!!

Hope to see and work with some of you out there!!

Hey, it's me, the new voice guy!!


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